The Team

John Wheatley

Co. Director/ Photographer

With more than 26 years behind the lens, John’s photographic style is ever evolving yet always grounded in technical precision. For John, the creative process is all about getting his hands dirty – and he seeks out projects where he can be involved from concept inception through to the complete rollout of all campaign elements over a number of years. He prides himself on building client relationships that last years rather than just weeks.

“As a photographer, I love that my creative input can make a huge difference to a client’s brand. For me it doesn’t end once the project does. The satisfaction comes watching a brand grow – and knowing that my creativity has helped in some way.”

“The technical side of image capture is second nature to me.” 

“The perfectly balanced shot is great – but I take that as just a starting point and then I get creative with movement and a bit of madness.” 

“I get an absolute thrill from being able to go from a highly technical shot in studio in the morning to hanging out of a helicopter chasing boats at over 100 kph in the afternoon!”

Jules Tahan

Co. Director/ Photographer/ DOP/ Producer

With more than 20 years experience as a photographer, Jules has also added an impressive reel of film work to his resume. He brings a huge amount of energy to every shoot and prides himself on being able to both lead and listen in the creative process. Characterised by an ability to work fast, Jules still remains keenly focused on the detail that ultimately delivers stunning results.

“I love the creative process – bringing out a sense of emotion and story in my images.”

“Getting to know the creative team and the subjects we’re shooting, realising the vision is incredibly important to me.”

“I’m fascinated with the manipulation of light and the enhancements that can be made in post production. These things don’t happen by accident – there’s always a huge amount of planning that goes into making a shot look spontaneous.”

“Projects that are creatively challenging is what still excites me about this business and why I love coming to work everyday.” 

“For me photography does not exist without others to share the experience. It’s a tool to communicate. Getting a message across in the clearest and most visually arresting way is the challenge that gets me fired up.”

Michael Downes

Business Partner / Photographer

With more than 15 years photography experience, Mick’s passion lies in capturing the built form. His architectural imagery encompasses exteriors and interiors of some of Melbourne’s most iconic projects. Mick’s eye for architectural nuances ensures his work is all about showing off spaces in context.

“My work starts with an absolute understanding of what my client needs to capture. For me, listening is an incredibly important part of the creative process.”

“Ultimately, it’s all about balance. The ability to show textures, materials and space using both ambient and introduced light is the creative challenge I never get tired of.”

Michael's won industry awards but he's not a big noter, he just likes to get in there and do the job. Clients love him because he's easy going and he gets amazing results.



James Vella

3D Artist

With more than 7 render buckets of experience, James’s passion lies in visualising images which cannot be captured with a camera. He has worked within real-time architectural engines, TV commercials/shows and print media. He prides himself on being able to rise to any creative challenge and deliver the client’s vision.

“Communication is to be the most important part of the process for me, once we have established the vision we can create the dream.”

“Visualising can be science, art, perspective, mathematics, physics and communication. It’s this combination that keeps me excited to work every day and push the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve – and create the physically impossible, it’s like magic!”

Nicole Conradi

Production Co-ordinator

Nicole's love of photography and creativity started at an early age when watching her grandfather create images in his very own darkroom. 

Post University she has spent 13 years in production and has really honed her skills; Her understanding of photography and organisation is what gives her the 'knack' in the industry.


Stuart Wilson


Stuart loves to create awe inspiring imagery and is a film, art and illustration aficionado, absorbing the details in all of these forms to incorporate and inspire his own work.

Creatively telling the story of an image is Stuart's passion. He has a knack for kicking a photograph into the realm of something special and he thrives on compositing complex and mind bending pictures.

Stuart is no chump when it comes to seamless effects too, having recently won a Gold award at the Canon APPAS for his 'faultless' Photoshop work.

Chealse Vo


Chealse Vo first joined the team in 2012 and from there, she quickly became one of the key members. As a self taught retoucher, she is always up for challenges, the harder the task, the better it is. Best known for the attention to detail and colours, Chealse makes the magic happen while still maintaining the realism as best as possible to whatever she does.

"Clicking on the before and after is the most rewarding experience of my day. It gets me out of bed every morning.  Um, as well as... singing"


Ben Joyce

Financial Controller

After summiting Mount Everest in 1992, it occurred to Ben that he could never work in a mundane job again.  However after he was mauled by a Bengal tiger whilst swimming in the Ganges river, he realised the time was right to do something less risky.  He decided to be an accountant.

Ben is a qualified CPA with over 20 years experience across a range of business including sport, radio and television.   
As the UAC financial controller, Ben is focused on supporting the UAC team to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. 

Mat Moore


Graduating from RMIT in 2005, Mat decided to study and pursue a career in photography after being introduced to it by his brother at a young age.

Travel played a huge part in the decision to rediscover himself and decide to undergo a career change.
Naturally drawn to shape, form, line and repetition, Mat found a passion with architectural photography.
Recently however, dealing with people and understanding the complexities of portraiture photography, Mat has started to develop a keen interest in capturing people in a truthful and realistic way.

Personally, Mat loves travel photography and street photography, still shooting in both film and digital mediums.  “There is nothing more enjoyable and mind clearing than wandering the streets with a camera in hand, searching for those special moments to capture."

Raphael Ruz


Raphael Graduated with Distinction from RMIT University in 2001 with a BA in Photography. Since then, he has established a successful career focusing on high concept still photography and video production, winning a number of awards along the way.