Taking 5 with Chealse Vo

You recently got married in Vietnam – what was your favorite memory from the trip?
Believe it or not, that was actually the first time both our families met. Our parents have met once before but not our relatives, so it was really nice and overwhelming to be able to meet and greet everyone.
My favorite memory was probably with my grandpa. A few days before the wedding, me and my husband visited him in the hospital, he had been staying there for a couple of weeks and was waiting for a result to see whether or not he could go on with an operation. He was holding our hands and said how sorry he was for not being there.
To my surprise, he actually came, grandma said he asked the doctor to let him go home a day before so he could attend his granddaughter's big day. My heart melted.

What do you do when you’re not retouching?
Beside Photoshop, I enjoy making art in different forms and have started learning about paper cutting, drawing and coloring. Unfortunately, nothing comes close to "amazing" yet but we'll see how it goes.
Here’s one of my paper works:


On the weekend, you can find me sipping coffee at some random coffee shops or wandering around op stores, Lost and Found Market and NGV which always brings me surprises.
Me and my husband both love travelling so whenever we are in the mood, a little trip always stays on top of our "To do list".
Where do you get your inspiration? Any links you care to share?
My inspiration comes from pretty much everything my eyes meet. Being a retoucher allows me to always try and remember everything I see so I can bring them into my photos.
One of my favorite people is an Australian wedding photographer, Jonas Peterson. I came to his workshop last year and for the first time, I heard a photographer say he's not only good at taking photos but telling stories through them too, which I can't agree with more. You can find him here:http://jonaspeterson.com/
We heard you’re an avid photographer too – care to share your favorite photo with us?
It is true that I love creating images from the camera as much as retouching them. It is such a great feeling to have total control in image making and on other hand, the freedom to express myself.  Here are some of my shots from a recent trip to Vietnam.