Melbourne Polytechnic visit UA Creative Studios

Jules had the pleasure of chatting with them down at our studio to help demystify some of the questions they had with regards to transitioning from studying to working in the industry, gaining relevant work experience as assistants, setting up a strong folio, to learning more about the post-production process.

Going by some feedback left by the students, we feel like they walked away with a new confidence and the right attitude to enter the photographic world.  Here are a couple of quotes:

Jules made you feel like anything was possible. He emphasized the importance of being yourself and I felt he was being himself. His demonstrations were useful and informative and he was happy to answer the many questions we asked.


Jules gave us a candid insight into the journey of a photographer with his backstories, wins and disappointments on the way and the value of being prepared’

Enjoyed meeting Jules from UA Creative last week and getting a few pointers on how to manage a workflow that is in constant flux. He also suggested putting together a two year plan-of-attack; a good idea, since time scoots by in the blink of a fish-eye. Jules showed us a quick and effective portrait lighting setup using only one light, and the results were superb. Granted, the umbrella was large enough to keep a football team dry, but it's all relative to the budget/workspace/clientele’